Compliant communication solutions to manage regulatory requirements
Extend Internal, Approved Corporate Communication Channels
  • Extend Approved Internal Communication Tools
    Use Microsoft Teams and Webex to interface with popular client applications like WhatsApp, iMessage and Telegram.
  • Adhere To Your Organization’s Strictest Standards
    While reaching clients where they are.
  • Safeguard Internal Data And Privacy
    Use trusted internal channels and ensure DLP with realtime notifications and blocking
Enable Employee Use of Their Native Chat Applications:
  • Ensure That No Conversation Is Overlooked
    Regardless of the communication channel
  • Provide Federated Communication
    Employees can securely chat with clients on their client’s preferred consumer applications
  • Safeguard Employee Privacy
    Be certain that only the business conversations are captured for compliance
  • Capture business interactions done on employee’s personal devices and native chat applications.
    Enabling them to use apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, Microsoft Teams and more
Federate All Channel Communication Into One Archive
  • Capture All Business Communication
    Ensure all communications from chat applications are in a single system - even when it crosses applications.
  • Provides Flexibility For Employees And Customers
    to communicate on the channel of their choice or based on corporate guidance using Membit’s federated messaging and orchestration platform (FMOP).
Get Full Employee/Client Communication Visibility
  • Sync Business Conversations From Personal Chat Applications
    Ensure corporate systems and CRMs have a full communication history
  • Leverage Powerful Automation And Routing
    Make employees more responsive from within their chat applications
  • Enforce Sharing Policies
    Make sure to safe-gaurd corporate and private information in real-time
  • Archive All Conversations
    Ensure that all communication is archived for compliance and service requirements
Real-Time Control And Blocking Of Noncompliant Communication
  • Define Content To Be Restricted.
    Designate content that is to be actively blocked from being shared between employees and clients including personal information or financially regulated topics
  • Block Sensitive Files From Being Shared
    Actively prevent sharing of content. Configure messaging to both employees and/or clients about the sensitive content
  • Trigger Alerts For Noncompliant Actions
    Set reporting and notification actions to escalate the number, type, source and destination of noncompliant messaging for further analysis and investigation