Enterprise Conversational AI
At Your Door Step

Enterprise Conversational AI
At Your Door Step

The bot market is flooded with countless solutions – platforms, engines and an extensive variety of technologies. Membit is not any of these! Membit provides chatbot-using organizations with intelligent processes that are developed and managed by its expert team – with the most superior quality and speed!

Membit is not a platform -
it is a managed AI Solution!

Custom Enterprise
Grade Solution

Get a custom chatbot tailored to your enterprise’s particular needs, with a custom API so you can make changes whenever you need to. Our Enterprise Grade Solution enables building structured customer scripts based on advanced language recognition and integration with various corporate systems, in an end to end solution.

Holistic Approach​

Membit offers a holistic solution for customer support and process automation, creating an exceptional customer experience. It harmonizes a variety of communication channels, AI and ML technology, chatbots and live customer service systems, synthesizing them into a superior customer experience. With ultra-fast time to market and supereasy implementation, Membit boosts customer satisfaction and increases revenues.

Improve your customer support KPIs with Membit

  • Reduce Operational Costs – Approximately 60% of customer queries are handled by the bot, without any human interaction.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction – Over 80% of users have expressed satisfaction with bot assistance. Bots drastically reduce customer wait time.
  • Provide Inexpensive 24/7 Availability – 24/7 customer support service can be provided by your organization using the Membit bot at low cost.

“businesses can reduce customer service costs by up to 30% by implementing conversational chatbots.”

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