Capture & ArchiveEvery Employee Conversation
Employees can compliantly chat with clients to their favorite apps like WhatsApp & iMessage from MS Teams & Webex or from their own personal device & native apps.
Ensure Employee Chats Are Compliant For Business
  • Capture Every Employee Chat
    Use Native Active Control to capture corporate communication on employee's native applications like iMessage, WhatsApp and Telegram - even from employee's personal devices
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  • Protect Customer Data
    Add a layer of privacy to employee-client communication to ensure precious customer data remains private
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  • Extend Internal Communications to Client Chat
    Empower your employees to use MSTeams, Webex to chat seamlessly and securely with clients on different consumer applications like iMessage and WhatsApp
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  • Archive & Surveil Employee Conversations
    Ensure all customers conversations automatically archived and available in your surveillance system
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Compliant Conversation Platform
With Membit, Every Employee
Chat Is Captured For Compliance
  • Organizations can verify that all conversations are captured- even from employee’s personal devices
  • Full visibility of employee chats in corporate archival and surveillance systems
  • Organizations can verify that all conversations are captured- even from employee’s personal devices
Accelerate Customer Facing
Conversations, Compliantly
  • Automotive Dealers
    Don’t let deals cool off. Maintain the relationship and close the sales
  • Finance & Insurance
    Provide compliant customer care, no matter where the customer reaches you
  • Remote Sales Teams
    Keep conversations moving quickly and keep notes synced with corporate systems
  • Membit's technological capabilities and professionalism are remarkable. I rest easy knowing that they always meet their commitments and I love knowing they will deliver the best results possible.
    Roman P.
  • Membit's platform gives us an effective, easy and visible solution for thousands of private WhatsApps each month
    Roni E.
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