Compliant Conversation Platform
One platform to empower organizations and ensure regulatory standards are adhered to
  • Capture, Archive & Surveil
    Designed for the most demanding, regulated industries. Membit’s compliant platform lets you capture, archive and surveil seamlessly.
  • Native Active Control Technology
    Native Active Control technology captures all business correspondence carried out on employees' channel of choice. Organizations can extend internal communication channels like Microsoft Teams and Webex to communicate with popular external client chat applications like WhatsApp and iMessage.
  • Easy and Compliant
    Bridge the gap between the need to provide a fast, personal digital customer service, while maintaining the tightest regulatory and compliance posture.
  • Employees Can Bring Their Own Devices
    Organizations can also enable employees to use their own native chat applications on their private devices in a compliant and easy way - without visibility to any personal chats.
How it works?
  • Configure Employees Native Chat Applications In The Membit Platform
  • Assign Permissions And Flow Manager To Allow Only Approved Communication
  • Business Chats Are Routed Via Membit Immediately To The Employee
  • Employees’ Business Chats Are Captured. Personal Chats Are Not Accessible
  • Business Integration & Archiving Manager Ensures Messages Are Directed To Relevant Corporate Systems
  • Integrate with Core Surveillance and Archiving Systems:
    Conversations are brought into surveillance and archiving systems, enabling organizations to monitor and capture conversations so chats are appropriately documented and saved to the organization’s internal systems.
  • Client conversations are visible to management
    Interactions are synced to popular CRM platforms so organizations can link informal chat conversations with customer records to provide a complete view of interactions, and enabling better service delivery.