Membit combines engineering excellence and the science of customer experience to produce a solution designed for those who are not willing to compromise on quality. A platform that allows Membit’s conversational AI experts to bring to reality their vision of an Advanced AI assistant to the fore. Our Conversational AI solution provides the ability to create smart and advanced end-to-end virtual assistants that embrace NLP, integration, sophisticated dialogue and extensive behavior management bringing to life the most professional virtual assistants to our customers

The Magic of Membit

After many years of developing and deploying Virtual Agents Membit have come to realize that building conversational AI applications that scale and result in a positive ROI can only be done if you have a true technological foundation at your disposal

At the core of our technological foundation, we have developed the Membit Brain ™ which includes a state-of-the-art Hybrid NLP (interweaving Rule Base and Deep Learning algorithms), a priority-based context management, an extensive protocol to define the behavior of the virtual agent and an advanced dialog management system

Natural Language Processing

Membit is unique in its exceptional ability to understand human language and to conduct independent conversations with customers. Membit’s bot was created by its highly skilled bot experts, who leverage a rich variety of technologies and tools to achieve unprecedented human language understanding and precision. 

Membit is based on proprietary algorithms that incorporate morphologies and AI models. These are combined with Google and IBM’s natural language understanding engines and our in depth familiarity with the features and strengths of each. All this enables Membit to precisely identify customer intent and to intelligently perform entity extraction. Membit’s team of natural language understanding experts build a designated content environment for each domain. This is combined with the latest and greatest tools and technologies to enable Membit’s internationally outstanding natural language understanding results. Ongoing supervised and unsupervised training by Membit’s dedicated training team continuously augments Membit’s understanding and its precision as it is used

Membit Features & Benefits

With its omnichannel capabilities, Membit interfaces with wide variety of inputs from user channels – mobile, desktop, Facebook, WhatsApp, and telephone. It processes the information and provides accurate, effective responses. It then uses its hybrid intelligence to decide whether the conversation would benefit from human interaction, in which case the conversation is automatically escalated it to a human agent – seamlessly, with no interruptions, and without the customer even realising it.

Proprietary Hybrid NLP Algorithm

The Membit Hybrid NLP algorithm is a unique natural language understanding system. It interweaves Rule Based and Deep Learning mechanisms that results in an unmatched NLU performance. The algorithm is configurable and allows for better intent understanding and entity extraction by real-time decision making, thereby determining the best approach to use: Rule-Based, Deep Learning, or a combination of the two.

Priority Based Context Management

Membit has a unique priority-based context manager that can determine the context, based on predetermined priorities. This can be applied separately to each human-bot interaction in the conversational flow. The result of this unique approach allows for a free-flowing conversation with the end-user, without losing focus on what the user wants to achieve.

Extensive Dialogue Management Protocol

At Membit we have developed a proprietary JSON protocol which enables you to define the behavior and experience of the Virtual Agents. This is done at different levels: from the System level to the Process level and even at the individual Interaction level. The extensive protocol provides the administrator with full control and flexibility, using a ‘no-code’ approach which results in minimum effort while maintaining maximum system stability.

AI-Based Behavior Management Module

Membit's AI-based behavior management module has the ability using a prediction model, to analyze user behavior and predict the user's response to various situations that occur in a conversation. Based on this understanding the bot responds individually to each user in every scenario, thus maintains a high level of customer satisfaction.


The Membit Virtual Agent can help insurance companies understand complex terms, respond to their many concerns, make personalized insurance recommendations, as well as handle claims based on its maturity. Minimize the cost of service with a sophisticated Virtual Agent


Virtual Agent can be used to transform the digital banking experience. Use the Membit bot to offer 24/7 support, offer financial advice, personalize marketing, and detect frauds. Save hours for service agents, making them more productive, and minimizing time-to-response


Customers need answers faster and tailored to their needs. Use of the Membit Virtual Agent to answer product queries, place orders, update order status and much more to propel your e-commerce business. Virtual Agents are a constant friend for e-commerce customers and provide the opportunity to upsell


Free up agents for more productive work. Use Virtual Agents in telecom to simplify account management, automate customer support, personalize user experiences, and increase cross-selling with tailored recommendations


Reduce operating costs, increase customer engagement, and personalize travel services with an intelligent Virtual Agent. Address feedback, offer round-the-clock booking assistance, handle claims and complaints, or create the perfect travel assistant for your customers- with Membit


The Membit Virtual Agent widens patients’ access to care services, providing more direct connections to the precise provider, quickly setting up appointments, applying for referrals or medication prescriptions, providing lab test results, relevant alerts or follow-up instructions

Integrate Membit into your Business Environment to offer an end-to-end smooth CX journey