Get a chatbot once and deploy on various channels

Use Membit bots hybrid solution to Engage with your customers on channels they prefer coded once and embedded on preferred platforms, such as social media web, mobile, and voice too, when necessary seamlessly hand over to the live agents under one unified workspace

Tailored for enterprise

Membit’s intelligent chatbot synthesizes cutting edge technologies into a superior customer experience. Powered by AI, our chatbot explores the context that is behind the words of a user’s question, creating a human-like understanding of language and conversation. Enhanced with NLP (Natural Language Processing), we have linguistic frameworks such as MTT (Meaning Text Thoery) used for building natural language models that allow our bot to comprehend the user’s meaning. Equipped with these tools, it can hold an intuitive, natural conversation, regardless of wording, spelling or language, and provide precise answers.

With its omnichannel capabilities, Membit interfaces with wide variety of inputs from user channels – mobile, desktop, Facebook, WhatsApp, and telephone. It processes the information and provides accurate, effective responses. It then uses its hybrid intelligence to decide whether the conversation would benefit from human interaction, in which case the conversation is automatically escalated it to a human agent – seamlessly, with no interruptions, and without the customer even realizing it.

Implement the ultimate solution for transactional
AI virtual assistants using

A unique process-building engine that enables you to build complex business processes quickly and steadily

NLP and NLU orchestrator combining Membit PROPRIETARY algorithm IBM Watson and Google Dialog Flow

Built -in integration with CRM\ERP systems

Membit’s natural language understanding abilities stem from its unique scripts that create 4 types of datasets from a single data source. The initial data source contains the building blocks (both mandatory and optional) of different domains that together generate a complete set of entities and intents in the following systems – Membit NLP System, Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson. A combination of rule-based and deep-learning models process this information

Features & Benefits

Holistic Solution

Whatever the way your customer wants to communicate, you’re there, including all voice and text channels.

24/7 Service

No more limitations on when your customer
can reach you,
and with no effort on your part.

Cost Savings

Reducing the number of customer service employees on your payroll can be an immense relief for any business.

Advanced Natural Language Processing Capabilities

Based on a unique algorithm, for better understanding of the customer’s needs.

Top Rate

Enterprise-grade security and PCI/GDPR compliancy, enabling sensitive information to be run through the bot.

Analytics for Continuous Improvement

Leveraging machine learning and bot analytics, including performance and in-depth reporting based on user data, with conversation history and various KPIs.

Multi-functional Plug-ins

Multiple plug-ins provided a rich variety of functionality, such as attaching pictures and videos, uploading documents, filling out forms/signatures and more.

Flexible Deployment

A choice of a cloud system serving masses of users, or the comfortable security of the customer’s premises.

Quick and Easy to Use

Smoothly integrated, accessible by anyone, anywhere, anytime, with predefined modules and workflows for a variety of processes.

Integrate Membit into your Business Environment
To offer an end-to-end smooth CX journey

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