Managed chatbot solution

Managed chatbot solution

Combine the power of intelligence + communication + automation through Membit.

Membit is a comprehensive solution that integrates through a complicated process, simplifying how customers can reach out to you, and how agents can resolve concerns.

All of this equates to high customer satisfaction, retention, and acquisition.

Are you ready to harmonize omnichannel customer interactions?

Run an omnichannel communication
strategy with MembitBot for:

Customer convenience

  • Customer expectations are through the roof. It’s time you capitalize on the customer’s need for more and better.

Smart insights

  • Membit puts Natural Language Processing to work so that you maximize your understanding of what the customer wants.

Live agent system

  • While bots are a great way to boost customer service, customers might often want to speak with a human. Our enterprise-grade chatbot comes with a live agent system but can also integrate with existing systems.

Humanizing your messages

  • At Membit, we make human-like conversations possible. Increase digital engagement, capture leads, offer exceptional customer services, or simply respond to queries.

Let us do the hard work for you

Membit is not a platform – it is a managed AI chatbot! The bot market is flooded with countless solutions – platforms, engines and an extensive variety of technologies. Membit is not any of these! Membit provides chatbot-using organizations with intelligent processes that are developed and managed by its expert team – with the most superior quality and speed!

Natural Language Understanding

Membit is unique in its exceptional ability to understand human language and to conduct independent conversations with customers. Membit’s bot was created by its highly skilled bot experts, who leverage a rich variety of technologies and tools in order to achieve unprecedented human language understanding and precision. Membit is based on proprietary algorithms that incorporate morphologies and AI models. These are combined with Google and IBM’s natural language understanding engines and our in-depth familiarity with the features and strengths of each. All this enables Membit to precisely identify customer intent and to intelligently perform entity extraction. Membit’s team of natural language understanding experts build a designated content environment for each domain. This is combined with the latest and greatest tools and technologies in order to enable Membit’s internationally outstanding natural language understanding results. Ongoing supervised and unsupervised training by Membit’s dedicated training team continuously augments Membit’s understanding and its precision as it is used.

Upgrading Service
in Diverse Industries

Membit’s smart, versatile bots can take on different roles and meet various operational requirements across many industries, ranging from travel to insurance, telecom, aviation and healthcare.

Upgrading Service
in Diverse Industries

Membit’s smart, versatile bots can take on different roles and meet various operational requirements across many industries, ranging from travel to insurance, telecom, aviation and healthcare.


A conversational AI bot can help insurance customers understand complex terms, respond to their many concerns, make personalized insurance recommendations, as well as handle claims based on its maturity. Minimize the cost of service with a sophisticated chatbot.


Chatbots can be used to transform the digital banking experience. Use a managed AI bot to offer 24/7 support, offer financial advice, personalize marketing, and detect frauds. Save hours for service agents, making them more productive, and minimizing time-to-response.


Customers need answers. Faster. And, tailored to them. Use a chatbot to answer product queries, place orders, update order status, and much more to propel your e-commerce business. Chatbots are a constant friend for e-commerce customers.


Free up agents for more productive work. Use chatbots in telecom to simplify account management, automate customer support, personalize user experiences, and increase cross-selling with tailored recommendations.


Reduce operating costs, increase customer engagement, and personalize travel services with an intelligent chatbot. Address feedback, offer round-the-clock booking assistance, handle claims and complaints, or create the perfect travel assistant for your customers- with Membit.


Our healthcare smart chatbots widen patients’ access to care services, providing more direct connections to the precise provider, quickly setting up appointments, applying for referrals or medication prescriptions, providing lab test results, relevant alerts or follow-up instructions. The chatbots deliver 24/7 omnichannel service to patients, from voice to text, email or website.

Quick Implementation

Membit bot processes are created using its unique Workflow engine that enables even complicated processes to be designed quickly and stably. The Membit engine is based on a variety of JSON and STEPS templates, with a rich variety of configuration options, making it suited for any business requirement. Within 4 to 6 weeks, Membit experts develop an entire process that combines natural language understanding and integration with external systems.


Membit is offered to organizations as a managed AI service. Its training staff improves the precision level and understanding of the bot processes and its R&D staff updates versions and adds new features. Throughout the entire product lifecycle, Membit’s experts are dedicated and attentive to customer requirements and requests in order to ensure speedy change/addition response times.

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