Holistic approach

Combine the power of intelligence + communication + automation through Membit.

Membit is a comprehensive solution that integrates through a complicated process, simplifying how customers can reach out to you, and how agents can resolve concerns. All of this equates to high customer satisfaction, retention, and acquisition. Are you ready to harmonize omnichannel customer interactions?

Run an omnichannel communication strategy with MembitBot for:

  • Customer convenience - Customer expectations are through the roof. It’s time you capitalize on the customer’s need for more and better.
  • Smart insights - Membit puts Natural Language Processing to work so that you maximize your understanding of what the customer wants.
  • Live agent system - While bots are a great way to boost customer service, customers might often want to speak with a human. Our enterprise-grade chatbot comes with a live agent system but can also integrate with existing systems.
  • Humanizing your messages - At Membit, we make human-like conversations possible. Increase digital engagement, capture leads, offer exceptional customer services, or simply respond to queries.

Get a chatbot once and deploy on various channels

Use Membit bots hybrid solution to Engage with your customers on channels they prefer coded once and embedded on preferred platforms, such as social media web, mobile, and voice too, when necessary seamlessly hand over to the live agents under one unified workspace

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