WhatsApp Compliant Conversation Platform

and Visibility

Automatically capture, integrate and empower customer conversations from personal Whatsapp.

Automatically capture, sync and store every customer interaction

Don’t rely on manual updates to corporate communication. Automatically capture, sync and record customer interactions to corporate databases, archiving systems, surveillance systems and CRMs for full control and governance.

Ensure entire customer history is readily accessible

Customer records must include conversations on employee’s personal devices and should be easily accessible for auditing sales and service.

Easily categorize every interactions within corporate systems

Every interaction is easily accessible for the relevant corporate teams. Sales, service and compliance teams can see conversations categorized under the customer with detailed information, relevant categories and descriptions.

Bring Visibility to Group Chats

Ensure that group chat discussions between employees and their customers are all recorded. Be sure that compliance happens amongst internal team groups, and in those groups that have customers.

Provides customer context to help employee conversations

Ensure employees have all relevant customer information available when they are chatting with customers – like recent transactions, open enquiries and customer statuses – to pick up the conversations from a position of knowledge and familiarity.

Automate customer - employee procedures

Automate procedures so issues are brought to the right people and processes. Build visibility systems that don’t rely on ‘best efforts’ alone. Use technology to escalate so no customer ‘red flag’ is unattended.

Fail-safe record keeping

Set rules for where customer conversations are synced: to CRMs, sent to archives, to 3rd parties or even initiate emails with documentation. Set procedures to match your organizations’ rules and regulations: nature of the conversation, customer type and sensitivity. Use triggers, terms and other rules to automate sync, storage and follow on activities.

Analyze customer trends with a real-time visibility dashboard

Full audit and monitoring of messages, conversations, data shared and more. Keep on top of trends and issues with a dedicated compliance dashboard. Use information to see organizational metrics and drill down into specific issues and teams.