WhatsApp Compliant Conversation Platform

Full Compliance
& Security

Automatically capture, integrate and empower customer conversations from personal Whatsapp.

Enforce regulatory and security restrictions

A compliant communication platform ensures all customer interactions are in-step with corporate compliance requirements and exceed security standards.

Block, Alert and Track sending sensitive information

Employ fail-safe methods for preventing leakage of sensitive information. Forcefully prevent the sharing of content that contravenes policies. Add alerts to notify parties as to the reasons information was not sent, track the ongoing level of incidents across employees. All to ensure policies are enforced and parties are aware when they contravene the latest measures.

Inform and Escalate Non-Compliance

Use notifications to track and inform non-compliance. Add escalation paths to match enforcement and feedback policies. Escalation enables managers to move from knowing to acting to uphold their corporate standards.

Leverage Data Leakage Protection & Surveillance Systems on Personal Devices

Extend the value from existing DLP and surveillance solutions to business communication on personal devices. This ensures all employee-customer communication is water-tight, secure and compliant no matter what channel.

Capture and archive each and every customer-employee interactions.

Every customer interaction needs to be stored and available in corporate systems. This means that all chats, messages – no matter their source – need to be automatically captured and synced to company systems. Organizations are also responsible for employee-customer communications from their employee’s personal devices.

Define and enforce what content and formats are permissible for sharing

Use advanced rules engines to prevent sensitive information and formats from being shared across different channels. Monitor for keywords, phrases and sensitive financial information.

Policy-based rules enable different teams based on their specific needs

Create different levels of controls to ensure that only the right content is shared by the right employees in the right circumstances. Remain attentive to customer needs and compliant with corporate risk policies.

Close Surveillance gaps on personal device communication

Strengthen oversight with monitoring that captures traditionally ‘dark’ channels like chats from personal devices.

Add additional customer verification & authentication controls

Bolster your security position by adding any of a number of customer validation solutions – one time passwords, phone number verifications and more. Move to multi-factor authentications to make sure that employees are certain to whom they are communicating.

Provide Water-tight customer identification through 3rd party verification

Go beyond a shadow of a doubt when you are verifying customers’ identity. Easy integrations with 3rd party systems allow organizations the peace of mind of knowing their customers’ communication are with the stated customer,

Mask Customer & Employee Phone numbers

Use number masking to keep relationships close, but personal and corporate information private. Customers and employees can reach each other seamlessly and instantly, but have their direct numbers masked from one another.

Limit who can interact with Customers

Safeguard customer data and ensures that only those who have legitimate needs are enabled to chat with customers.