WhatsApp Compliant Conversation Platform

Drive Sales & Service Efficiently through chat channels

Automatically capture, integrate and empower customer conversations from personal Whatsapp.

Unify, all cross-platform communication channels

Federate all messaging services into one interface so customers can contact you from the platform of their choice, and you can respond from the platform of your employees choice – even their own personal WhatsApp numbers. Create a seamless bridge between customers and employees that span WhatsApp, SMS, Teams, Webex and more so that employees can focus on the communication, not the channel.

Route Customers to the Most Suitable Employee

Ensure customer messages are routed to the most appropriate employee. Set routing rules to manage ownership, organizational hierarchy, names, geography, availability, skill set or others to ensure the right customer is served by the right employee.

Support BYOD Preferences

Provide a secure and efficient way for employees to work from their own device. Simply configure BYOD to corporate hierarchies to enable employees to communicate from their device of choice.

Simplify Task/Conversation Follow-up

Preconfigure follow-up actions for employees to save time and ensure proper steps are taken. This cuts administration time and eliminates ‘after call work’ errors. Commonly used follow up actions include tagging the conversation, choosing a status for the conversation and creating follow-up tasks

Built-in Escalation Paths

Make it easy for employees to pass conversations to the right team mate to get the support they need. Use automatic workflows to channel next steps to hand over conversations, set follow on actions or invoke other system processes.

Provide Customer Info in Context

By providing specific information about the customer and their activities to the employee around the conversations, the employee can provide the right level of service and address any lingering issues or opportunities.

Provide Personalized Processes

Do more than just ‘answer the call’, create tailored customer experiences. Customer data providers the basis for tailoring interactions and offering the right services, routing, offers and presentation.

WhatsApp-based CRM management

Make updating your CRM easy and directly from employee’s native WhatsApp – even their personal ones. Simply swipe to set followup tasks, change statuses, set reminders and more. Even better, let employees create new accounts and contacts directly from their WhatsApp conversations. Now your CRM is at hand when it’s needed most.