The End of Illegal WhatsApp Interactions

Membit is changing the rules of the game with the only off-the-shelf chatbot solution that enables organizations to plug a working AI chatbot with Ready-made, built-in modules, without any integration in three quick steps! Only several minutes are needed to integrate the bot into your enterprise CRM/ERP.

Designed for your both vendors and customers, Membit features ready-to-use processes like managing service tickets, obtaining information about orders, making appointments, retrieving statuses of billing and payments, and more. An easy-to-use dashboard provides a 360-degree view of each process and feedback, and a built-in clearing system facilitates an end-to-end payment process.

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הצגת נתוני שימוש

Membit was established by i-rox, a leading software provider with more than 140 developers, which provides development services to some of the largest companies in Israel, including Elbit Systems, Synel, Nice and Amdocs.

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