Enhancing Customer Experience Outside the Call Centre – Closing the Gap

The market is flooded with countless digital solutions for communication between agents and customers in call centers. There are solutions such as IVR systems, Omni-Channel platforms, digital signing, etc but what happens outside the call center?

Those solutions make life easier for customers, are convenient for them to use, and they are also very useful to organizations for tagging, recording, and creating tasks.

These days where the communication between businesses and customers has developed and has become more personal, there is a need for communication solutions for customer service and diskless employees

With WhatsApp (and other messaging platforms), sales agents and customers can establish fast and less formal relationships.

Sales cycles are completed fast and simple by sales agents answering inquiries simultaneously from wherever they are, and at all times of the day.

By enabling WhatsApp communication, businesses are seeing increased conversion rates, improved customer experience, and even shorten the sales cycle.

Here comes the challenge.

How can a business have a 360 degrees view of its customer journey?

There is no record & archive of the conversations done via the salespersons personal WhatsApp number at all.

Here is the crucial gap between the communication in the departments which are directed through the call center, which are fully recorded and archived in the CRM, to those which are done outside the call center.

In a scenario where an employee leaves the company for some reason or another, all the important data between him and clients are lost.

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With Membit DIM- Data Interaction Manager, Businesses can face this challenge!.

Through DIM Textual IVR, like in a call center, your customers can contact a specific sales agent on WhatsApp, via a single entry point, and your sales agents can respond to them without revealing their personal details.

DIM is the only solution that automatically records and analyzes all communications done via messaging platforms.
This includes the calls made through the agents’ personal phones, which boosts productivity and allows them to engage with their customers more deeply.

How does this magic happen?

You are chatting with a customer support bot and asking for a sales agent, the textual IVR routes to the relevant agent’s WhatsApp number and connects him to the conversation.

Now you are both chatting BUT neither of you knows the other’s private number.

Think about it. Every agent can communicate through his private device, while any interaction that happens outside the call center is fully managed automatically

With 1 click DIM identifies your contacts in your messaging platform from the CRM and displays their information such as previous purchases, engagement, and intent.

Now you can start exactly from your last chat with your customer, all conversations will automatically be recorded to the CRM and the salespeople can maintain better relationships with their customers.  

Dim helps you to close the gap and get a better customer experience outside the Call Centre and even boost your sales.

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